Home News Harley-Davidson 338cc motorcycle launch details leaked

    Harley-Davidson 338cc motorcycle launch details leaked




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    The Harley-Davidson 338cc motorcycle will be based on the Benelli 302 platform. The document, which lists Benelli’s 2020 plans, said it will be manufactured in China and go into production by June 2020. The document also states that the 338cc Cruiser motorcycle will go into production in June 2020.

    So far, there are no pictures of the upcoming Harley-Davidson motorcycle, but the design is reportedly confirmed. The new Harley-Davidson bike will be powered by a 338cc engine. It is expected to be a twin-engine and is believed to be based on the Benelli 302S. For reference, the Benelli 302 300cc motorcycle’s co-twin engine produces 38.5 bhp of power at 11,500 rpm and 26.5 Nm of torque at 10,000rpm.

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    The new bike is expected to be first launched in China, but it is not confirmed when it will launch in India.

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